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Moretti's Food Inc. founded by Celebrity Chef Salvatore Moretti has been creating and innovating game changing foods and sauces for over 20 years within the culinary world. Chef Sal has been using an old school patent pending method of preparing pasta and rice over the last 15 years for catering, food shows, restaurants, and in thousands of homes from your neighbor to many celebrities, sports stars, singers. Chef Sal has also created many local cooking television shows in the past and now has created a new cooking concept called the "Pasta Boss" that will show the world how to prepare simple old school pasta and rice dishes that will blow your mind. Sal uses simplicity plus a little insanity in a borderline genius way of cooking! Moretti Foods provides simple, fresh, fast, healthy meals in minutes. Using Moretti's 60 second pasta and rice, you can achieve this too.

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