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Stuck On Dry Pasta?

Enhancing every pasta cooking experience globally.

Perfect Pasta in 20 Seconds

Dry pasta is broken. Moretti's Pasta is the genuine pasta. With more flavor, and a breakthrough preparation process, Moretti's allows flavors to infuse into the pasta like never before. Never again will you go back to the monotonous and lackluster dry pastas of the past. Moretti's Pasta is perfect for any pasta dish, from the eccentric to the quick and easy. Reaching a perfect al dente in no more than 60 seconds, Moretti's Pasta is perfect for the home kitchen, as well as the food service industry.

No-Boil, Skillet-Ready Pasta

Skip the boiling all together. With Moretti's Pasta, there's no need to boil the pasta. Simply place the pasta in the skillet you're already using to heat up the sauce and other ingredients, and within 60 seconds, you're done! Moretti's Pasta is a delicious, healthy, and quick way to prepare a meal in far less time than traditional dry pasta. Perfect for the food service industry, there's no excuse to not serve fresh meals. No more pasta sitting in large colanders!

Introducing Moretti's Pasta

Introducing Moretti's Rice

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